It's no secret that each customer is unique. That's why one-size-fits-all software simply cannot exist.

I listen carefully to your needs and design software that fits you perfectly.

No more vision-mission bull-shit. Sorry about that. I used it to place you-and-me on the same page.

Solo Systems is a one-person studio. Keep this in mind when you feel personal communication around. I like that way. I hope you like it too. If you are unique and your worldview doesn't fit any cliche – we might have something in common.

I value Your time. I introduce myself in fewer words possible.

I help solve business problems by designing customer experience with a Jobs-to-be-done methodology in mind. I like clean and straightforward ideas that are easy to build and maintain.

I enjoy great copywriting. I write. I do it for myself, but others can benefit from it as well.

You get more done when the design is simple. Don't you agree? No distraction, only the content you want.

That's why I put the content first. For me, words are the most essential tool I use.

That's it.

If you think I could help to solve your business problems – contact me.

Good design is long-lasting. It avoids being fashionable and, therefore, never appears antiquated.

–Dieter Rams

Thank’s for reading till the very end.

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