It's no secret that each customer is unique. That's why one-size-fits-all software simply cannot exist.

My vision is to listen carefully to your needs and design software that fits you perfectly!

You get no more such a vision-mission bull-shit, I just used it to place you on the same page with me. So if we agree that you-are-unique and your worldview doesn't fit any cliche – let's read some more.

Solo Systems is a one-man studio. Just keep this in mind when you feel kinda personal communication going around. I like that way, I hope you'll like it to.

Let me tell what I do most of the days.

I try to help people to solve business problems by designing customer experience to match their goals. For example:

If you have a great idea of a new e-commerce website, and you need someone to design it properly so your customers will have no trouble to find you and to buy from you – contact me.
Or maybe you already run a successful business and want to implement some new-&-original ideas, and you need someone to rebrand your digital channels – contact me!

I will be more than happy to give you some of my time. After all, I think I will have to go-out and celebrate this special moment :).

But don't rush! If you're not sure, take your time, think about it for a night or even two. Hell-ya, take as much time as you need. I'm not into that kinda business to convince you on a first date. Go and check about-me page or read some blog-posts or so.

And when you are ready – contact me!

I think I just started to repeat myself…