The brand marketing wheel

18th August 2019

Summary: I wanted to write-this-down because most of all I needed to read it myself :). Can you imagine yourself rolling the wheel? Excellent... if not, there is a picture to help you do it...

Now imagine that big wheel as your four-part marketing strategy… or you know what? Just take a closer look into a picture one more time, and you shud get what I have in mind. I am about to share some thoughts regarding these four-parts on a wheel.

1. Brand

This is the most essential part of your whole marketing strategy. The brand is about who are you and what is your world-view. It's like a backbone in your body – it holds everything and everything holds-back on it. Without a clear sense of your brands' personality, you will be stuck and unsure in every step you will be making.

I'm not about logotype, colors or fonts. It is assets to transform your brand-persona visually. What I am about is a human-style piece of information which helps us understand what this brand would look and behave if it would be a real human.

Let's face the truth here. If we can imagine the brand as a real-human, than we start to get emotions about it. And that is the single reason we need a brand for. Because without feelings, you always gonna be – everybody.

Tip: use this information to craft About-us page for the website.

2. Customer

When you already defined who is your brand, it's about the time to understand what customers you seek to serve. In other words, you need to set your market. And most of all you want to understand what issues they are facing that you could help to solve.

I recommend creating a user-personas for different types of customers. Take attention that user-persona is not the same as brand-persona. So what's the difference? Although, it's the same human-style piece of information with customers' journey map as an extra layer. You need it for a detailed picture of your customers full-business-cycle and your part in it. This map will give you lots of opportunities. You'll see.

Tip: creat brand-persona and user-persona on the same template. Then you will have a chance to put them side-by-side and see where they match and mismatch.

3. Product and service

"It's easier to make products and services for the customers you seek to serve than it is to find customers for your products and services."

Seth Godin

If you agree with him, as I do, it's quite logical decision to keep products' layer under the customers'. This part is crucial to your success. Think before you speak because of nobody's gonna listen if you do it wrong.

Mr. Joseph Sugarman, which is one of the best copywriters under the sun, has a lot to say about-it. But as I respect your time, I would recommend taking attention to these two peases:

Never sell a product or service straight-forward. Always sell a concept.
Explain a simple product that is clearly understood by the consumer in a more complicated way and a more complicated product in a very simple way.

4. Communication

Finally, you reached the part where you gonna spend most of your time as a marketer. Now you know who-are-you, who-are-they and what's the product.

Now it's time to work-it-out how you will to say it. But this is a different story worth another time.


Let's back to that wheel I mentioned at the beginning. I compare it with the marketing strategy for a reason. It is a constant clock-wise movement. From brand to customer, to product, to communication, to brand again…

If you will stop rolling it… well, it is better not to do so because it will fall. For you and me, for all marketers, it's the primary job to keep that wheel rolling till the end of the world. Can you do it?